2018-08 August




Custom alert field

In Planmanager it’s possible to activate the alert box when the insurance has an English excess

In the previous version the alert showed
! English excess: 1, when this was activated

Now in the release of September we changed it to ! English excess: Yes 


Information buttons

In the old layout the color of the button (Audatex info) changed when is an assignment present for the file. We’ve added this feature also in the new layout.

From this release you will see a letter for a certain type.

You will see the letter:

M → when it’s a mission

E → when it’s an estimation

C → when it’s complete




The rights of the file have been changed, until now the listing and single job use only one type of rights, after this release they both use different rights.

It’s possible that after the September release you have to change some of the user rights.





From the release of September it is possible to manage the licenses of the mobile devices. Planmanager will look for licenses that are transferable.
When there are licenses available, Planmanager will suggest which one you can transfer to the new device.

To transfer a license of a device to another, you will go to Maintenance → Tablet

There you will see the list of all the devices









When there is a device not activated you will see the buttons Activate and Remove, to activate a license press the activate button.

You will see a new pop-up






If you don’t have a license available, you can order a new one by pressing on the button No, Get a new license

Otherwise press Yes, Select a licenses, after you click on the button you will see a list of all the tablets at the moment in your system.








Select the device of which you will transfer the license, the pop-up will close now and the new device is activated with the transferred license





Before the release of September the lines of the credit note where rounded at 2 decimal places, we changed this to 4 decimal places. 


When there is already a discount added to a invoiceline, and you will add a discount rule on the invoice then, you will get a pop-up that will ask what to do with the previous discount.






Delayed repairs

It’s possible to get a new report for both planning schemes, in the tab report → operational → Delayed repairs, you will find a selectbox where you can choose which schedule you want to use









Personnel benchmark 

Report→ Management → Benchmarks 

The XLS column Planned Time(B) will change when selecting one of the options in the dropdown menu.

Before this update you saw the Column Estimation and Normal Planning, in the new one you have to choose which one you want to see.

Estimation : Time of the estimation, adjusted with the config EFFICIENCY_PARAM

Normal Planning : Time that was scheduled in the normal planning

Workshop planning : Time that was scheduled in the Workshop planning









In the new layout it’s possible to resize the menu, so you only see the icons.

We’ve added a tooltip on the icons so when you hover over an icon, it will show which item this is.


Information development 

In the release of September it’s possible to send the comment from Part/Task with an API call

New filter for template signatures was added

In the Workshop App it’s possible to get the check-in and check-out statuses and times,

Also it’s possible to check-in and check-out in the Workshop itself.






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