No lunchbreak in time registration


PlanManager will NOT automatically clear employees at the start of the lunchbreak.

This would cause problems for the people who work overtime. That said, the system is intelligent enough to recognize when overtime has done or when a user has forgotten to register the end of the working day.

Only when a task is started before the lunchbreak and continues during lunchbreak, the lunchbreak will be deducted from the time registration.

Below you find a table that shows when a lunchbreak is deducted 

Task started before lunchbreak? Task started during lunchbreak? Task ended during lunchbreak? => Luchbreak is deducted?
Yes No No   Yes
Yes No Yes   No
No No No   No
No Yes Yes   No
No Yes No   No


We explain this problem based on some examples, assuming that the lunchbreak runs from 12:00 untill 12:30 for all employees.

Example 1: the employee signed out on time.

Assembler Jan starts a task at 11:55

At 12:00 his lunchbreak starts and he signs out.

In the time registration you will see an activity from 11:55 to 12:00.


Example 2: the employee works longer and then signing out by himself.

 Peter starts his task at 11:55.

He works longer and signing out by himself at 12:15.

In the time registration you will see an activity from 11:55 untill 12:15


Example 3: the employee forgot to sign out.

Thomas starts his task at 11:55.

He is a scattered person and forgot to sign out during lunchbreak.

At 12:30 he goes back to work and does not go by the time registration computer. 

At 12:40 he starts a new task. His current task, that was started at 11:55, is now ended. On this point PlanManager will recognizes that Thomas has forgotten to sign out, this activity will be divided in 2 tasks, with the lunchbreak deducted.


In the time registration you see now 2 activities: the first from 11:55 untill 12:00 and the second from 12:30 untill 12:40.


Example 4: the employee starts a task during lunchbreak.

Painter Hendrik doesn't like long breaks and starts a task at 12:15 

He continues untill 12:40 and then signs out. 


In the time registration you will find a task from 12:15 untill 12:40.

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