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Margin calculation is the main reason for using PlanManager. You can view your margin per vehicle, but also across all vehicles in a specific period. To see your margin calculation for all vehicles, you can use the Contribution Report. This can be found under the Report - Financial - Contribution Report menu. Your margin per vehicle can be found in the file itself.


Margin for a specific file

To find out how much margin you have on a specific vehicle, click the margin button next to the total cost in the file window

A popup window will open showing your costs, your expenses and your margin by type.


The column 'estimate' shows the figures you find on the specifications labeled as 'invoice estimate'. 

The column cost shows the cost of the activities that have been performed. 

The hourly wage cost is multiplied by the hours worked by employees. This column also shows the ordered parts and the cost of the paint weighed on the paint scale. 

The column billed will show all invoices minus all credit notes. Only invoices and credit notes are included in the journal.

The column margin estimate (€) is the column estimate minus the column cost.

The margin estimate column (%) is the column margin divided by column cost.

The column margin (€) is the column billed minus the column cost.

The margin column (%) is the column margin divided by column cost.

Below are all the invoices and credit notes of the file. A click on the line opens the invoice and the credit note.

How do I make a billing account before I create my bill?

If you have not yet made an invoice for this file but still want to know what your margin is, then you can view your margin calculation based on your estimate.You must ensure that you indicate the correct estimate as invoice estimate. 

Amount x is not filled in in my margin calculation.

This is probably caused by configuration setting that is missing.

If your labor costs are not filled in, this may indicate that you have not defined an hourly wage for your employees. An hourly wage can be defined by job type. But can also be set per employee. (See maintenance - Task types and Management - Personnel). 

If your cost rental has not been entered, this may indicate that you have not indicated a cost per day for your replacementcar. Verify that this was correctly set in the Rental - Replacement Cars menu. 

If your estimate amount have not been filled in, this may indicate that you have not identified a billing estimate. Make sure you have indicated the checkmark for your estimate.

If you do not see an invoice amount but you have actually created an invoice, you may have two possible issues. 1 / you have not saved your invoice in the journal (no number is yet assigned).2 / You have not linked the invoice to a file. PlanManager has no possibility to link manually created files to an invoice.

Please always make your invoices from the file.


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