How to manage your courtesy cars and planning

Managing the courtesy cars.       

Add a courtesy car

To add a courtesy car, click the "Car Fleet" tab - "Courtesy Car".

Click on the top left of the list of vehicles in the "New" button

In order to create a new car courtesy, you need a minimum number plate (there can not be two courtesy cars with the same plate), and the name of the location if your company has multiple locations.

However it is advisable to add the maximum amount of data (make, model, fuel type, box ...) to your courtesy car to the best use of the system. By clicking ↦ Show more details you can add additional information concerning the car.

Once you complete all the data, click the "Save" button


Delete a courtesy car

when you do not use a Courtesy Car, it must be assumed that we should not remove it from the program.

You just make it inactive, For if a traffic fine reaches you 2 months later, you have to find this vehicle and who was driving it.

To make a courtesy car inactive, click the tab "Car Fleet"  - "Courtesy Car" and click on the vehicle you want to make inactive (you also have the option to enter data into the filter on the left of screen to find the correct vehicle directly).

Then click the button "Show more details"

Then click "Change vehicle to INACTIVE" then click "Save."

Your vehicle is now inactive, so it will no longer appear on the rental planning.

If you want to see the profile of this inactive vehicle, click the "Car Fleet" tab - "Courtesy Car" and uncheck the box in the filter "Only active vehicles"


You'll see in your list that the vehicle will reappear but gray.

To see this vehicle in the courtesy cars planning, click on the "Car Fleet" tab, then click the button "Show / Hide filter" and then select from the dropdown list: "Only vehicles Inactive"

In the same way you changed the status of a vehicle to inactive, you can change it back to active, you will then see an asterisk after the license plate number.


Vehicle categories

You can manage categories of your vehicles via the tab "Car Fleet" - 'Vehicle categories'.

To add a category, click the "New" in the top left and complete the data on the left of your screen. You can add a name, a franchise, a cost, a price ( by day, week, etc…) Then click on "Save"

Top of the screen “Courtesy Cars”

On the top of the screen you will find the latest rentals, with a timeline to easily find the driver during a certain period. You will also be able to check the images concerning that rental.


Items to check

You can put a list of items to check in PlanManager, either on the start or the end of the rental, or both.To do so click on ↦ Click here to show the items to check that are present in the car. You will get a list where you can choose which items to check.

You can create these items by going to  “Items to check” in the “Car fleet” tab:



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