How can I manage the maintenance of a replacement car?

PlanManager can be used to keep track of the maintenance of your courtesy cars. By setting certain parameters the system will also alert you when it's time for a new service.

1. Keeping track of maintenance services.

on the tab "Car Fleet"> "courtesy car" you get a list of all replacement cars in PlanManager. Click in the list on the replacement car where you want fill in a maintenance service. On the left bottom side of the page that opens, you can fill in the service (s) that the car has had.


You will then see a pop-up where you can enter the details of the service. Press save to add the data. The new maintenance appears in the table on the left.

2. Automatic alerts

You can configure PlanManager to automatically display a notification when a new maintenance is necessary. To apply this control you need to set this per vehicle.


2.1 Setting up a vehicle for automatic alerts

Go to the "Car Fleet"> "courtesy car" page and click on ↦ Show more details. In the middle you will see the fields Checkup Interval Months and Checkup Interval KM. Put in the months and km according the car.


2.2 Premature messages

PlanManager will give the messages according to the set time intervals. You can set yourself how long in advance you will get this message. This can be done on the tab "System"> "Options" with the two configurations "CHECKUP_WARNING_MILEAGE" and "CHECKUP_WARNING_WEEKS".

instellingen onderhoudsmeldingen

CHECKUP_WARNING_MILEAGE: enter how many kilometers before reaching the limit you want to display the message. The default setting is 1000km.

CHECKUP_WARNING_WEEKS: enter how many weeks before the period is over you will see the message. The default setting is 4 weeks.

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