Can I receive SMS from the customer?

Yes, you can!

Sending a text message is the easiest way to inform a customer about the repair of his car. 

You can type in the message in PlanManager and also keep a log.

In some cases, the customer sends a message back telling when he comes to pickup his car. Or he will be later. Or even an answer to a question you asked him/her. When the customer does, PlanManager will retrieve the message and put it in the communication screen.

The system places the message in the corresponding file.Also, the system will make a notification when the message is received. This will immediately inform you that a message has been received. Only staff members with the announcement flag will see this message.In the personnel maintenance screen (Maintenance - organisation - personnel) you can indicate whether you want to receive notifications or not. 

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2017-08-08 17:55
Katrien Vanhaute
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