Create a template price request

If you wish to send a price inquiry to a supplier, you may want to make use of the ordermodule. In the ordermodule you open the communication by clicking on 'communicate'. Then select communicaton template 'price request'. After you send the price request, you will remove this order from the orders (it is essentially a price request and no order).


Create a template price request


Go to 'Maintenance' -> Comm Templates and click on the template 'order'.


Then select all text (use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + a) and copy the text.

Then create a new template and name this 'Price request'. Then paste the just copied text. 

You can then customize the text as you like. In the example below is: 

We wish to order for: changed to 'We wish to request a price for:


Then press Save



Now that you've created this communication template, you can select it in the communication screen that you launch from the order module.

You can, if desired, remove this order from the orders. Here's how to do this:

Click on File  -> orders and remove the appropriate order by clicking the delete icon.


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