Reception app - How it works.


The "reception" allows you to take in or deliver customers cars and / or replacement cars.

The application is based on two elements: "Departures" and "returns"



-  The customer brings in his personal car and leaves with a replacement car.

-  The customer brings in his own car but takes no replacement car.

-  The customer comes in only to take a replacement vehicle.


The customer brings back the replacement car and takes back his own car .



Before you can use the application "reception”, it is necessary to install the application correctly. You can do this by going to: How do I download the "Reception" app, install it and add it to PlanManager? in the FAQ

If the installation was done correctly, you will see on your tablet a new shortcut with the name "reception app."


When clicked, the application will open and you will notice that both tabs are visible at the top of the screen and you'll see an overview of departures and returns.


In this overview, you can search easily. You can search and filter by the name of the customer, make, type, number plate of the replacement vehicle / customer's vehicle.

On each delivery / return line, you'll see the name of the owner / driver left and right you'll see the date and time of this / return. A green color will show that the car is on schedule. A red color indicates that the car is late.




Once you create an appointment in a job by giving in an appointment date, you'll see in the reception app a new line when you update it (the application shows only appointments on the current day by default). To update, just slide your finger from top to bottom of the application page.


The day of the appointment, you will see the line appear in your overview of "departures"

To receive the customer's vehicle, click the line and you'll get an overview of the various third parties connected to the vehicle, information about this vehicle and you will have the possibility to take pictures of the damage.

It is also possible to draw on these photos.


Once all data has been filled in and photos are taken, click on "Receive Vehicle."

Note: when you click on the small logo at the top right of your screen: it will bring you to the Settings page. In this page you will be able to decide which field must filled or not when a vehicle of a customer to be approved.


Now you will see the repair agreement.

The application will first offer the signature of the repairer. Once he has signed, a list of all people using the system will appear, simply select the correct person.

Then the application will ask the customer to sign this document.

After your customer has signed, you will receive a list of different email addresses ① to send the document by email ②.


Once you’ve taken in the car, you can deliver the replacement car through the application:



When you now click “ execute checks”, you can fill in the necessary data concerning the courtesy car:

So, you can fill in the fuel level, mileage, the green card date, add damages, by clicking view details and clicking on the icon on the bottom right and taking pictures of these:

You can put items to check in the application by adding them in PlanManager, rental, items to check, and add comments:

When you now click on “complete checks”, the app will generate the rental form which you and your customer have to sign, in the same way you did with the repair agreement:


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