Wincar installation/configuration


Wincar is the 'Winformex' of Italy. It is a calculation tool and a management system.
PlanManager will only use Wincar to make calculations so it will not use the management part.
We use a ODBC link to the MS Access database to exchange data.

Installation - CONFIGURATION


ODBC queries

You can export all ODBC queries to the demoit environment by using the 'System-Local settings-ODBC connections'-menu
If changed are made to the standard queries, we will apply them here.
Click 'Export' on the bottom of your screen to create an excel file containing all saved ODBC queries. You can import
these on a new environment by clicking 'Import'.

WARNING: The queries are linked to eachother. For example '%(arrResults[ID2].MAXNUMBERPRATICA)s' will use the query with ID 2
If this doesn't match anymore after an import, this has to be adjusted.

Tip: if you are having issues with certain queries and you want to test these, you can launch PlanManager in debug mode.
Then you can use the inspector to manually call on qt.odbcQuery(sqlquery, connectionstring).
Tip2: If you want to further analyse queries or tables, RazorSQL is a good program that can connect to most of the ODBC drivers.

Connection strings

Connection strings are a bit annoying, especially for MS Access. Normally you submit the connectionstring you find on
in a query but this doesn't always work correctly with 32bit vs 64bit odbc connections.
If this is the case, you can configure a DSN with the name 'wincar' and you will not have to enter the whole string as query connection string
but only the DSN name 'wincar'.

To configure a DSN, go to Control panel - System - Administrative functions - ODBC. There you can create a new DSN. Select MS Access
from the list and follow the wizard. If MS Access is not in this list, this is probably caused by the lack of a 64bit driver.
You can fix this by running C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbccad32.exe. Now you will probably see the driver.

Exporting pictures

You can export pictures from Wincar to PlanManager but in order to do this, you must configure the path to the thirdparty_folder of PlanManager.
The path has to be like this : 'PATH_TO_WINCAR\Archivi\Pratiche' in the local settings. The path of the picture map or pdf map does not matter,
this can be the standard PlanManager setting.


We used to use the LOAD_BY_LICENSEPLATE configuration to display an icon next to Vin and Licenseplate.
With the link we are using here we will not be using this configuration. We will search for the queries that are configured.
But if LOAD_BY_LICENSEPLATE is configured, these queries will NOT be looked at. So make sure LOAD_BY_LICENSEPLATE is turned off.

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