How to use the link Wincar->PlanManager


Wincar is a calculation tool that PlanManager uses to make estimations for cars.

Benefits of this link
1.Export a PlanManager file containing vehicle details to Wincar
2.Inject pictures saved in PlanManager into Wincar files.
3.Import estimations/calculations made in Wincar, into PlanManager.

Recommended working method

A client calls to make an appointment to get his/her car fixed -> A file is being created in PlanManager containing
as much information as possible.

The client comes to the garage with his/her car -> Take necessary pictures of the car(possibly with the android application)
The client wants to know the cost of the repairs-> Send the file that we created in PlanManager,
including the pictures that we took, to Wincar.

Inject a file into Wincar

Open a file you want to inject, click the small Wincar icon and a popup will open. Now click 'Send to Wincar'.

Send pictures to Wincar.

Open a file you want, click the small Wincar icon and a popup will open. If a Wincar file exists for this file,
the 'Send Pictures' will be visible. If your thirdparty_folder is set up correctly, the pictures saved in your PlanManager file
will be sent to Wincar.

Import estimations from Wincar to PlanManager

Open the Wincar popup and click 'Import last estimation'. This will create a new estimation and import
all parts and tasks into PlanManager.

WARNING: In most of the cases, there will be a small deviation on the prices. This is caused by faulty rounding, done by
Wincar(they are rounding up and are not using decimals). PlanManager will recalculate the prices based on the hourly wage,
but there may be a deviation of a few cents compared to the price in Wincar.

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2016-04-12 12:22
Matthias Van Woensel
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