2019-11 November

Hemo parts

 It is possible to make automated orders via HEMO. If you want to activate this, you can send an email to our support (support@insypro.com). To activate the link we need the following information: 

* HEMO customer number

* Your e-mail address at which Hemo may contact you

Don't know your customer number or e-mail address? Contact HEMO via +3214285200 or info@hemo.be

You can find more information about how the Hemo web service works in our FAQ

Visualization Car-pass list

An adjustment has been made to the appearance of our Car-pass list. In the past, one kilometer reading was shown in the list. We have adjusted this to reflect both the odometer reading for damage and the odometer reading for recovery. This is purely a visual modification, no modification has been made to the functionality itself. If you would like more information about how Car-pass works via PlanManager, you can find it in our FAQ.

Automatic completion of the end date

A new config has been created that allows the automatic completion of the end date in a file. You can activate this option by using the following configuration: PLANNING_AUTOFILL_DATES. The appointment date and end date will now be entered automatically based on the schedule made.



The dates from the schedule will never be used.

Only when empty:

If no appointment date / end date is entered in the file, this will be entered automatically.

When empty or conditional overwrite:

This function will work if no appointment date / end date is entered.

The appointment date will be overwritten if the start date of the schedule falls before the entered appointment date. The planned end date will be overwritten if there is an end date in the schedule that falls after the planned end date.


The dates from the schedule will always be used. 

Add files in the document folder 

It is now also possible to add cad / step in the document folder in PlanManager

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