2019-12 December

Assigning a name to a device

From now on it is possible to assign a device its own name. You can set this by going to Administration - Tablets - Devices. To do this, click on the icon behind the ID.

You can enter your own name here. Note: This name will be visible in the logs of the job as well as in the general logs. We have added this functionality to the GDPR. It is now possible to trace the owner / employee who uses the device thanks to their own chosen name.

Job number credits

From now on it is possible to view the job for which the credits were used via System - Credits. In this way you can see in which jobs SMS messages were sent, digital orders were made, etc. You can click through to the job in the credits screen by pressing the job number.

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2019-12-04 09:28
Sophia Bouhajra
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