2020-03 march

Log when deleting a VAT line

When deleting a line from the VAT book, a log will appear from now on. You will always have to fill in a reason to delete the line. In the log you can see which user deleted the line from the VAT book.


Searching for a job via the inspector3

It always has been possible to search for a license plate with several jobs, but you couldn’t see what the damage was. This has been adjusted, in the app, so that, with a license plate with multiple files, you can also see what the damage is.

Notifications in the future in the workshop application

It is now possible to send notifications in the future. This can be used as a sort of reminder system.

Settings per user in the workshop application

It is now possible to personalize the settings in the workshop application per user.

Changing status to “not present” with ongoing tasks in the workshop application

It is no longer possible that a user puts himself on absent, if he still has current / ongoing tasks. The tasks will have to be stopped / completed first, before the user can put himself as not present. If there are still ongoing tasks, an error message will be displayed if the user tries to change his status to “not present”.

Invoices can no longer be changed

It is now no longer possible to adjust an invoice that has the status “exported”. If the invoice is incorrect, a credit note has to be created and a new invoice made up. It will still be possible to adjust a pro forma invoice. 

If the config Edit_numbered_invoiceis set to yes, it will still be possible to adjust the numbered invoice.

Logistics report

2 new columns have been added to the logistics report:

  1. License plate of the replacement vehicle

  2. License plate of the damaged car


Autotechnica trade fair

This year we are present at the Autotechnica trade fair. A further communication will be sent about this so that you can register for free. Welcome!

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