2020-04 April


1. An extra check mark "logistics" has been added at Management- Organization- Personnel.

2. When the check mark "logistics"  checked for the staff member, the staff member will be visible in the pop-up "logistics" in the job. You can select the staff member here.


3.  An extra field was added, vehicle received, in the logistics pop-up. In this field you can indicate when (date + time) the car was received.

Report " Overview repair phase vehicles present" 

A QR code was recently added to this report. You can press the QR icon. The QR code will then be opened in an extra pop-up. This ensures that the QR code is easy to scan.

 You can find this report by going to report- Overview repair phase vehicles present. If this report is not visible, you can activate it in the user groups. Go to system user groups - "select a user group" - choose report - tick the 3 checkboxes for the Overview repair phase vehicles present report.

Document pop-up

Normally when you open the document pop-up, this is set to "all" by default. An adjustment was made so that the pop-up does not open as standard on the category "all". An additional config has been created for this:


If this config is set to "yes", the category "all" will be opened by default. If the config is set to "no", no category will be pre-selected and no photos will be displayed when opening the document pop-up.

Self-governing workshop

An extra field was added to the self-governing workshop. It is now also possible to filter here by file number.

Logistics report

Additional columns (personnel + date retrieved) were added to the logistics report. The number plate of the replacement vehicle was also added to the report.


It is now possible to filter on a staff member in the planning. An extra field was added for this. You can enter the name of the staff member here.

Workshop application

A new config has been added that makes it possible to personalize the view of  photos in the ATR screen.

DOCUMENT_DEFAULT_SHOWINATR. You can choose none, pictures only or all documents here. 

Checklist report

It is now possible to make a report of the checklists that are completed in the workshop. To do this, go to Report - Operational - Checklists. You can find here the answers that were filled in by the employees in the checklists. It is also possible to take an export of these answers.


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Glenn De Landtsheer
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