2020-06 June

Colorize block number

From this release it is possible to give the block numbers a color. To set this you can go to System – Customized settings- Day colors.


Here it is possible to give a specific color to every day. This is similar to the functionality to assign a color to a task type. The color indication of the block number will also be displayed on the ATR. Below you can find an example of the display on the ATR.


The day colors are also visible in the job itself. The color is based on the end date entered in the job.


Logistics pop-up

A visual adjustment was made to the pop-up logistics. Previously, the user had to scroll to consult all the data. The pop-up has been enlarged so that all data is now visible in the pop-up without scrolling. This is only a visual adjustment. The functionality has remained the same.




Import Netassess (only for South Africa)

It’s now possible to import data from Netasses. When you go to the job there’s a button to make an import. It’s the same button that’s used to send data to audatex.


When you click on ‘import Netasses’ you’ll get the option to browse on your computer and selected a netassess pdf file. It’s also possible to import the images.



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2020-06-25 10:56
Glenn De Landtsheer
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