2020-10 October

Extra info calendar

Extra info has been added to the calendar. From now on, the contact details of the driver will also be visible on the appointment date. Both the appointment date and the Est appointment now show the same info.

Log deleting estimation

An extra log was added to show which user deleted an estimation. You can find the log in the job itself or by going to System - Logs. Here you can filter on the job number.

Standard damage flow

An extra functionality has been added that will ensure that a damage flow will be automatically selected when a new job is created. By default, the job is referred to as a classic repair. This can be adjusted manually by the user.

More information about working with damage flows can be found in our FAQ.


Damage flow planning

Additional icons were added to the damage flow planning. These icons are created based on the information entered in the logistic popup. For an improved view these have also been added to the damage flow planning.

In addition, the colours for the Est Comp Date were added to the damage flow report. This was done in order to obtain a better visual overview. More information about the operation of the key tag number colors can be found in our June release.

Planning In/Out V2 - parts display

An additional item was added to the report. As of this release, it will also show the number of items delivered.


To add standard comments on an invoice, a multiselect filter has been provided. From now on, it is possible to indicate multiple standard comments and add them to an invoice. This ensures that less text has to be added manually and invoices are created faster.

Financial report 'Invoicing’

Extra info was added to the invoicing report. A filter was added to make it possible to filter by insurer. In the filter it is possible to select multiple insurers.

The damage flow type was also added to the report. This will be included in the excel export. 

Extra logging editing supplier

An extra log was added regarding the check marks 'goods' and 'services' at a supplier. You can find these check marks by going to Maintenance - Third parties - Suppliers.



If you tick or tick off goods or services this will create a log.

You can find this log at System - Logs.

Infrastructure changes

In the past, information was transported to external systems via one channel. This was adapted so that multiple channels could be used simultaneously by investing in new improved infrastructure. The channels can, in case of problems with 1 channel, be increased in capacity.



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