2020-11 November

Standard Invoice Remarks

In the release of October an adjustment was made that makes it possible to place different standard comments on 1 invoice. An extra configuration option was created to disable the selection of multiple standard comments on the invoice. You can use the config INVOICE_COMMENT_OVERWRITE for this.

Address book available for multiple fields

In the August release the address book has already been added. You can use the address book if you have selected the party 'other' in your communication in PlanManager. Until now this was only possible for the field 'to'.  The functionality has been further developed so that, if the party 'other' is selected, you can also use the address book in the CC and BCC field.

Logs added to permissions user groups

The logs were added under the permissions of the user groups. You can change the permissions by going to System - User groups. Here you can set per user group whether the group should have access to the file logs.


The user groups that already had access to the file logs were also automatically assigned these permissions when adding this change.

VAT book modification

On the basis of the most recent legislation, an adjustment has been made to our digital VAT book. From now on the printout will also contain the VAT number, address and the name of the location.

Ireach accounting link

The accounting link with Ireach was rewritten so that the customer numbers from Ireach are now leading. To prevent PlanManager from automatically assigning new numbers to owners that already exist in Ireach, it is recommended to work with the config EXTERNAL_REF_INVOICING.

Customization email Self Service Portal

After collecting feedback from some of our enthusiastic self-service portal users, an adjustment was made to the email for the invitation to expertise. The following text was added to the standard email template:

NL : Gelieve de wagen aan te bieden in propere toestand zodat een correcte vaststelling van de schade mogelijk is aub.

FR : Veuillez présenter le véhicule dans un état propre afin de faciliter une identification correcte des dégâts svp.

UK : Please make sure the vehicle is clean when presenting it in order to facilitate a correct damage assessment.

This modification has been implemented for all our portal users. You can find more information about the operation of our self-service portal in our FAQ.

Reporting overtime

An additional report was added in PlanManager which makes it possible to get a good overview of the hours worked, breaks, start and end of the working day. You can find this report in PlanManager by going to Report - Management. Here you can find the 'overtime report'.

It is important that the number of hours of leave is entered correctly in Maintenance- Personnel. This at the start of the new year. The report takes into account the following counter:



If the hours are not entered correctly here, there will be no correct display in the overtime report.

Adjustment report invoiced hours

An extra column was added to the reporting of invoiced hours. You can find this report by going to Report Financial - billed hours. In the extra column the amount is displayed without discount.


A new parts link was written. From now on it is also possible to send digital orders to BestParts. For activation/questions you can contact our helpdesk via support@insypro.com. The link works in the same way as our other digital links. Digital forwarding and automatic syncing of updates is therefore possible. Scanning parts of BestParts with our scan application is currently not possible. As soon as an update is available, it will be placed in a next release note.

Report ratios

The name of the report was changed to Analysis by make/client Type. An extra functionality was added so that an export can now be taken of both the analysis per make and the analysis per customer type.


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