2021-01 january

Our best wishes for 2021! We wish you good luck and good health on behalf of the entire Insypro Team!


Permission usergroups

Additional permissions were added who make it possible to determine which users can change the permissions of other users. From the current release onwards, it will only be possible to change the staff’s usergroups if your user has the permissions to do so. These permissions can be found by going to System - Usergroups - 'Choose a usergroup here' – ‘Maintenance’-‘Personnel view’– ‘change personnel usergroup'.

Hail damage program

Last month an adjustment was made to our hail damage program. From now on it is necessary to request a login in order to use the program. You can request your login for the hail damage programme via sales@insypro.com. On the basis of the request for a login we will send you all the information regarding the new features of the program and the adjusted pricing for the use of the system.



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