2018-06 June


When planning large jobs ( > 100hours), the automated planning felt slow. We dramatically improved the speed of these kinds of plannings.




We have added a few extra filters and columns to the job list.

These are the following:

  • Insured party
  • Planned (Yes/No)
  • Planning start date
  • Planning end date
  • All parts in (Yes/No + amount)
  • AudatexUK files (reference)
  • VWGroup files (reference)

To add these to the filters, look for the cogwheel icon on the top left side of the jobfilter. Here you can add extra fields to the list of file filter fields.

To add these to the job table, look for the cogwheel icon on the top left side of the job table. Here you can add extra fields to the list of file columns.

From now on you can sort the 'Status'-column alphabetically by clicking on 'Status' at the top of this column. You can now choose to sort ascending or descending by clicking one of the logo's.


It is now possible to select multiple job administrators for one job. You can select these from the dropdown list next to 'Job Admin'.


A new config 'PLAN_AUTO_CALC_FASTEST' will give you the option to skip the 'best case scenario' planning proposal. This configuration will be set to 'Yes' by default (do not skip the proposal) so nothing will change if you don't want to use this configuration.

When you decide to plan manually, you will now have to respect a maximum duration of a single planning. This maximum duration is specified in the 'PLAN_MANUAL_BLOCK_MAX_HOURS' config.


When you click on 'Remove from list' to remove certain carpass items from the list, you will now have to confirm this action first before you can remove these items.



We have added the possibility to split certain plannings in more than 2 parts. If you right click a planning block in the overview, you can click on the 'Split' option to bring up a window where you can specify the amount of parts that the current block will split in.









You will also be able to filter by team in the planning overview. Simply select the team you wish to see in the dropdown menu on the top left side of your screen and the planning will be show all plannings for the selected team.

To configure which employees belong to which team, go to 'Maintenance' - 'Personnel' and a select a team from the dropdown menu.

Manual planning

All tasks that are ready to be planned manually will now be displayed at the bottom of the planning overview. From there, you can drag the planning blocks to the desired employee and time slot to plan the task.




Turnaround times

We have added an extra "Date appointment quote" column to this report. In the filter on the left side of the screen you will be able to choose the turnaround time "Estimation appointment / in" -> "Date vehicle in", which will show you the difference in hours/days between these two dates.


Priority vehicles

We have made some changes to the filters for the Priority Vehicles report.

The selection list has been changed to a group of radio buttons to make this filter easier to use.


Third parties - Customers

The 'Privacy'-table on the bottom of the customer information has been reworked to make it more clear. Additionally, we have added a new checkbox called 'Survey'. With this checkbox you can allow or disallow the ability to send surveys to this particular customer.

Warning: In light of the GDPR, it is very important that this checkbox is only being checked if the customer has agreed to receive surveys.


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Domien Jansen
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