2018-07 July


ATR : Automatic Time Registration / Workshop Tab

A new configuration option ATR_PLAN_CARD_LABEL has been added. This allows you to define what information is shown on the planning cards (= the blocks displaying the planned tasks and related info) in the Workshop screen.
Tip: Remember that there also is a config option ATR_FILE_CARD_LABEL, that allows you to select what data is shown on the File card label (= the blocks displaying the active jobs and related info) in the lower part of the Workshop screen.


Job - Task

When manually creating a new task in an estimate the amount field will be locked when you enter a time and a rate in the appropriate fields. To update the amount field manually, click on the edit icon right next to it. Please note that when you manually change the amount, the rate field will be reset to ensure mathematical consistency.


Vehicle details

 In the release of July we’ve added a new fuel type to the dropdowns: CNG




In the previous version the due date of the quotations was by default set on the next day. 
In the new version of July it is now possible to set the delay for calculating the due date in the configuration; so for example to 15 days after the offer request creation date.
To activate the new configuration, you go to
System → General settings → OFFER_DEFAULT_DUE_DAYS


Maintenance 1: Overview config


If you click on the row, you will go to the screen where you can change the amount of days (maintenance 2).












Maintenance 2: Screen OFFER_DEFAULT_DUE_DAYS


Roles and Rights

In order to fine-tune the security settings and access controls even further we have added new sub-permissions on the job screen. You are now able to specify if a usergroup is allowed to edit tasks/parts/etc... on the level of the estimates. 



When you click reply in a communication, you now get the following seperator between the original message and your reply

(email) wrote on (date)

for example:

matthias@insypro.com wrote on 03-07-2018 11:39 :




Credit notes

When creating a discount credit note, on every line the quantity was set to value 1. This ensured a correct line total amount on the credit note, but unfortunately we lost the information on invoiced/credited hours causing incorrect results in reporting on hours sold.

A change has been applied to have the information on the credited number of hours (e.g. 10% of the invoiced number of hours) stored on the line level of the credit note.



It is now possible to add the supplier's own part number/reference for each of the three default suppliers you can select for a given stock item. When this number is filled in it will be used on the orders you create for that supplier to add parts to the stock. Otherwise the default partnumber of the stock item will be used.

supplier partnumber field

These partnumbers are also added to the export and can be imported as well. Please note that any stock excel file you may currently have that doesn't have these columns can no longer be imported. You can add these columns manually after each supplier price column to fix this or start over with a new export.



The workshop planning page has been split off from the "standard" planning, i.e. it does not share the planning data anymore. This means that for those bodyshops wanting to seperate 'long term bodyshop loading' (using the "standard" planning) and 'short term resource attribution' (Workshop) can now do so in PlanManager. The workshop managers can assign tasks to their technicians using the graphical workshop planning without changing the long term planning information in the "standard" planning. The task information will still come from the estimates marked for planning inside the jobs.

By default, the workers will get see the "standard" planning in the Workshop tab screen. But you can switch to using the "workshop" planning by changing the Configuration Option "ATR_PLANNING_USE_WORKSHOP".
You can do this by going to Planning - Workshop. At the bottom you have a button below "Options". Switch the ATR_PLANNING_USE_WORKSHOP from No to Yes, to use the workshop as the source for the ATR.


In the new layout, the data from tables (file list, invoice list, ... ) will show 15 rows per page. In the old layout this is 30 rows per page.

Invoice list

 The export of the invoices has been expanded with the following fields:

    Direct payment, Excess, Deductible VAT.

The invoice filter has been expanded to include a filter to select all invoices with jobs that have the checkbox "Direct payment" checked or not or to show both cases (All, Direct payment, No direct payment).

Job - filter

The job filter was expanded to allow the user to find back jobs where no full invoicing has been done. The dropdown that allows you to filter jobs on "invoiced", "not invoiced", or "to be invoiced" now has a new option "Partially invoiced".
Partially invoiced is useful when you have to make multiple invoices for one job, and when you afterwards need to make sure that the main invoice has been issued for the job.

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