2018-10 October


New features


Damage flow

The bodywork of today is confronted with the emergence of new repair methods. Not only do they have technical implications, but there are also consequences for timing, human resources and planning. To integrate these different methods (classic repair, smart repair, one day repair, ...) and follow-up in PlanManager, extra functionality is provided.

Look "How to work with damage flow " at the FAQ for more information


Sage 50 Accounting (only for the United Kingdom)

PlanManager can now be linked with Sage 50 Accounting. A Sage 50 account is needed for this feature.


ActiveWeb Notes (only for the United Kingdom)

 Job -> a job -> Communication:

Possibility to write and send a note to Activeweb. The note will be send after choosing the save button.

DAT print to pdf (only for the Netherlands)

Job -> a job

When the DAT link is launched true the "i" icon, a pop-up will first be shown where you can choose which PDF layout from DAT is used to import into

PlanManager after drafting the specifications. On that popup is a list of options with the possible layouts of DAT. There is also a check box to indicate whether the current choice should be saved (enabled by default). If the selection is saved, it will be pre-selected in the selection list the next time.


Sending e-mails with your own address/domain:

 It can be ensured that if you send an e-mail from PlanManager, the sender no longer receives m@mail.planmanager.be but for example info@pm.yourdomain.com.

This takes some time to set up. The reason is that between your own mail server and the PlanManager mail server a number of settings have to be set correctly. To make this possible, your IT department should contact support@insypro.com. You can do this in PlanManager via the Help -> Contact tab.

If a private domain is used there will be 10 euro credits charged  each month.





Job -> File: the text field from the own fields below the number of the file is more readable.

Workshop -> Self-Governing workshop: the field for Personnel and the field for the Files are split in to 2 fields. From now it is possible to scroll the 2 fields separatly from each other.

PPG: displaying of the weight from the ordered paint.


Maintenance -> Standard jobs: when choosing a standard job, the button will remain colored.



Fixed issues



New messages that are read will now be marked as read.

Maintenance -> Standard jobs: fixed issue with sort button





DAT (only for the Netherlands)

When importing the DAT specifications, the costs included in the "SurchargeDiscounts" section are included as part of the "Environment" type. Previously, these costs were loaded as part with type "Misc.".

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