2019-01 January

We wish our users a happy New Year!


With the new release an extra check function was built in to prevent negative credits on a database. If you receive a notification that the credits are running out, you can buy new credits via System-> Credits. Failure to top up the credits may affect the operation of the applications, SMS system, survey system and digital orders.


New Feature:

CAPS connection: importing jobs and keeping them up-to-date.

There is a new dropdown item under Job section called Job Queue. There you can find CAPS. This page will show all incoming jobs from CAPS that are offers. These can then be accepted or denied. When denying an offer a popup will show to give a reason for the denial (this is required). Importing jobs from Caps does not yet happen automatically but needs to be done by going to this page.

KPI: Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators, abbreviated as KPI, are variables to analyse prestations of your organization. Key performance indicators are variables where you can read whether an organization is on track with regard to its objectives.


The reason for this report is to allow a shop to set a time period (KPI) for how long a job can stay in a status before it is alerted as a problem. By using this report it becomes easier for a shop to understand which jobs may be delayed or lead into a complaint as they are not being handled effectively and as per the businesses targets and SLAs with their Insurer partners.


Consult the FAQ for the manual

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