2019-03 March


Search function AEG

When searching the Audatex claim results for a specific license plate and if the license plate is not in the list, there will be made an attempt to get the claim for the searched for license plate straight from the audatex API.


Update relevant editors with a Caps code

Where relevant there is now a Caps Code field present in the editors of the third parties (Agent, Insurer, Owner). These fields are only visible when the Caps connection is active. This activiation must be required to your support team.

A job that is linked to a insurer with a Caps code will be transferred automaticaly to Caps. To let jobs synchronise with Caps there are some requirements:
- a correct Caps configuration in PlanManager. This must be done by your support team.
- job number must be present
- car brand must be present
- license plate must be present
- a linked insurer with Caps code


Improvement Export Absence Report

Maintenance -> Organisation -> Export Absence Report

Employers who works 4/5 or less, will not be displayed anymore as absent.

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2019-03-21 14:16
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