2019-05 May


It is possible to check if the applications Inspector3, Reception and Workshop on your tablet(s) are the most recent version or not.


Maintenance -> Tablet -> Devices

Applications in a red coloured version number are required to be updated. If you hover on the version number you also will see what the current status is.  If red, you will get the message “This is not the latest version, please update the application”


Applications in a green coloured version number are not required to be updated. If you hover on the version number you also will see what the current status is.  If green, you will get the message “This is the latest version.”


Redesign selection multiple locations


The possibility to select multiple locations has been redesigned.


To set this, you must set a configuration. To do this, go to System-> General Settings and search for the configuration named LOCATION_MULTI_SELECT.



Click on the tool icon and change No to Yes and click on save.


Now you have the option to select multiple locations at the same time.



Communication: display of more details

PlanManager -> Communication


The field "subject" in a internal communication will now be provided with additional information such as job number and license plate.



The job number is clickable and you can immediately open the job that is linked to it.


 Fix Auto integration

To activate a connection with FixAuto, our support will need to activate and configure it. The ftp credentials will be the same for any PM installation, but will not be pre-filled. Support will need to receive a site code for each location needing the connection with Fix Auto.

To automatically sync a Job with the Fix Auto ftp server, it has to be linked with a "Referred by". This is a Customer under Maintenance -> Third parties. This "Referred by" party also needs to have its "Fix Auto Ref." set.



The WinBooks accounting package is in line with Luxembourg law.



Work has been done to deal with the unavailability of external services.





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