2019-09 September

From now on, it is possible to forward internal communications to and from the workshop app. 

From the workshop app:

Click the communication icon at the top right of the app

to the next screen, click on the + icon, bottom right


Then you select the person⓵ with whom you want to communicate and fill in⓶ the text, and click send⓷

The person, who was communicated to, receives the following message

By clicking on the communication menu, you see all communications, and at the top of those mentioned


By clicking on the curved arrow, you can reply to this communication

In the next screen you can then formulate answer and forward it


The employee then receives this message in the workshop app.

All previous messages are also shown here.

You can also communicate internally from PlanManager in the same way.


To do this, click on New in the Communicate menu. Select the communicate icon⓵, click on "send to" ⓶, enter the addressee⓷and your text⓸, and click on send⓹


The screen where licenses can be transferred to a new / different device, has been updated

You now, will also see the concerning app & last date the app was used


A new report has been added, UK productivity

To start using this report, you first have to adapt the rights in the usergroups


This report shows the productivity, linked to location, personnel & date①:

This report has to be exported to excel②


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