2019-10 October

Improved display of the rental screen

An adjustment has recently been made to the rental planning so that the colored frame is more visible when renting. Lines have been defined thicker to improve visuality.

Report of checklists

An adjustment was made to the "Checklist" report. It is now possible to export this report in Excel format.

You can find this report by going to "Report" - "Operational" - "Checklist". In this report, you will receive an overview of the completed checklists. You can filter the checklists by period or view by file. From this version, it will also be possible to export and print these results.


Additional Information: How can I use a checklist?

A checklist is an additional check that can be added when making a repair appointment and / or when entering an entry date. Before we can add a checklist to the file, the list must first be created. To do this, see maintenance - checklists. Select here the application in which you want to add the checklist.

Once these steps are completed, you can add questions to the checklist.

You add the checklist in the Job itself. To do this, click on the symbol behind the repair appointment / vehicle in date.

As soon as a checklist is added, it will be visible in the application.


You can request the results of the checklist in the job:



You can also view the results in the report. Go to "Report" - "Operational" - "Checklist"


Internal communication in the workshop application

As noted in the September issue note, an internal communication system was added to the workshop application. Did you miss this information? You can re-read the September release.

The internal communication system has been extended to the following points:

A. You could already see which job the communication was linked to. It is now also possible to click on the job to quickly find the right file.


 B. You can enter multiple contacts. The communication is then sent to all contacts.


C. You can simply specify the job manager by pressing "+". You do not have to enter the full name of the job manager.


D. The job manager will also be visible in the workshop application.


iReach link

To date, there is already a link to iReach for accounting. This has been elaborated further. It is also possible to request customer / vehicle data. If you wish to activate it, you can always contact our support via the following contact address: support@insypro.com


An adjustment has been made to our BOB link. The link with this accounting software has been adjusted for intra-Community transactions. If you have any questions about this, you can always contact our support via the following contact address: support@insypro.com

Data Protection Officer

 You can now appoint a data management / data protection officer to the management delegate - location - responsible for data protection. You can select a user from the list here.







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