Configuration options.

ACCOUNTING_SOFTWARE string name of external accounting software ('WinBooks','ProLink','Bob','Exact Online','ExpertM','Octopus','Lijn100')
ACCOUNTING_USERNAME string username for external accounting software
ACCOUNTING_PASSWORD string password for external accounting software
ACCOUNTING_BOOKYEAR_PERIOD string 'monthly' or 'quarterly'
ACCOUNTING_BOOKYEAR_START string month + day, must be 4 chars (eg. 0631)
ALL_INFORMEX_IDS boolean 0 = disallow ids below 8000000
ASSIGN_INSPECTION boolean 1 = show personnel dropdown to assign inspection (export to inspector)
ATR_MIN_TASK_TIME integer minimum amount of minutes for a task to be shown in the ATR
ATR_REFRESH_TIME integer seconds before personnel/file screen returns to index
AUTO_CALC_ORDER boolean if 1, calculates order totals after changes
AUTO_OPTIMIZE_PLAN json array ["inline","remainder"]
AUTO_STOP_TASKS boolean (d=1)
AUTODIALOG_DEALER string extern identifier for the autodialog service
BLOCK_ORDER_AFTER_SEND boolean if 1, prevents ordering parts if 1 or more parts are already ordered
BUSINESSTYPES json array list of businesstypes for dropdown
CARPASS_USER string username for carpass webapp
CARPASS_PASS string password for carpass webapp
CARPASSTHRESHOLD integer number of days after last upload before warning is shown on startup
CARPASSUPLOADID integer current id in rotating id-set (1 - 1000) for carpass webapp
CARPASSUPLOADDATE datetime last upload date for carpass webapp
CHECKUP_WARNING_MILEAGE integer number of km from next rental car maintenance to show warning
CHECKUP_WARNING_WEEKS integer number of weeks from next rental car maintenance to show warning
CREATE_INVOICE_ON_ESTIMATION_SET boolean Vragen om een factuur te maken wanneer men een factuur bestek aanduid.
CN_REFERENCE string long reference to be printed on a CN
CN_SHORT_REFERENCE string short reference to be printed on a CN
CREATE_ON_EMPTY_TASKS boolean if true, make a file even when no tasks are found (from informex)
CUSTOM_COLUMNS_RPTPLANNING json object extra columns for the planning in/out report (export)
CUSTOM_REPORTS json array contains names of custom reports for the company
DEFAULT_ACTIVITY_FACTOR float on create estimation from activities option to adapt times, default 1
DEFAULT_INVOICE_TERM integer number of days after which an invoice must be payed
DEMONT_IS_MONTAGE integer demonteur does montage unless someone can finish it (x) seconds faster
EFFICIENCY_PARAM float percentage of work efficiency for all personnel (d=90)
ENFORCE_USER_LOCATION boolean autofilter location listboxes on user location
EXCESS_BUY_OFF boolean allow rental insurance fee buy-off
EXCESS_BUY_OFF_FEE float fee to be payed per rented day
EXCESS_BUY_OFF_REDUCTION string amount or percentage to reduce the excess with (eg. '100' or '80%')
EXCESS_BUY_OFF_VAT integer vat-percentage for the excess buy-off invoice
EXCESS_BUY_OFF_JOURNAL integer journal id for the excess buy-off invoice
EXCESS_BUY_OFF_PART_TYPE integer part_type_id for the excess buy-off invoice line
EXCESS_BUY_OFF_TEMPLATE string name of invoice template to use for the excess buy-off
FILE_CHANGE_TIME integer delay in minutes before and after each file to be planned
FILE_CREATION_DEFAULTS json object default values for files (eg. {"RepairerId":1} )
FILE_FILTER_FIELDS json array fields in advanced file filter (eg. ["vinnr","colour","driver","invoiced"])
FILE_TABLE_COLUMNS json array columns in file table (eg. ["Edit","Copy","File","Owner","Status"])
FILE_TABLE_SORT integer column index for sorting the file table
FIRST_AND_LASTNAME boolean logon list: the first name and the lastname, then the reverse
FORCE_FILE_REMOVAL boolean if 1, delete communications, rentals, orders and activities instead of error
FULL_INFORMEX_BLOCK boolean 1 to get the full text, 0 to get only the parts and tasks
GLOBAL_CODES json array list of audatex/informex codes (eg. [[45,100],[77,100],[28,100]])
ICAR_BODY_MAP json array bodytype codes in icar db ordered in sequence identical to enum in pm
ICAR_FUEL_MAP json array fueltype codes in icar db ordered in sequence identical to enum in pm
IGNORE_ACTIVITY_LAPSE integer tasks started within {minutes} after eachother won't prompt for stopping tasks.
INFORMEX_EXCLUDES json array objects not to be imported from informex (eg. ["insurer","expert"])
INVOICE_NR_PREFIX string date formatting string to be used as prefix for invoice nr
INVOICE_REFERENCE string long reference to be printed on an invoice
INVOICE_SHORT_REFERENCE string short reference to be printed on an invoice
INVOICE_TEMPLATE number Which template do we use to send e-mails with invoices?
KDATACONTAINER_OWNER string name of owner
KDATACONTAINER_LICENSE string license (hexadecimal key)
LOAD_BY_LICENSE json object XPower/icar login details {"action": ,"user": ,"pass": ,"server": ,"db":}
LOCATION_MULTI_SELECT boolean Yes: multiple locations are selected, No: 1 location can be selected
MAIN_LANGUAGE string default language (nl, fr or en)
MAIN_STANDARD_JOB integer id of default standard job (= Template)
MAIL_THROUGH_OUTLOOK boolean When set, this will use your local MS Outlook client to send e-mails. Notice that this will only work with PlanManager core version 20130711 or higher and MS Outlook 2007 or higher.
MAX_DOCUMENT_SIZE string (eg. 1024x768)
MIN_ASSIGNED_TIME integer minimum seconds for a task to be planned
NEXT_HOLIDAY_UPDATE date (Y-m-d) date on which the Belgian holidays for the next 2 months will be planned
NO_VAT_NUMBER boolean if 1, unset the 'make vat nr' checkbox by default
OCTOPUS_FILE integer id of extern file to be used for Octopus web service
OCTOPUS_BOOKING_JOURNALS json array list of journalcodes that are set to export bookings instead of invoices
OPT_WARN_FILE boolean show optional warnings on file view page
ORDER_TEMPLATE integer id of communication template for ordering
OWNER_NUMBER_MANDATORY boolean if 1, disallow owner creation without number
PAINT_SUPPLIER integer id of the supplier that delivers the paint products (used for scale)
PLAN_BLOCK_ENTRY string name of entity to be displayed on the planning blocks (eg. blocknr)
PROC_ANTI_RUST integer procent for anti-rust generation from paintwork salary
PROC_ENVIRONMENT integer procent for environment generation from total part cost
PROC_PAINT_PROD integer procent for paint product generation from paintwork salary
PROC_SMALL_MAT integer procent for small materials generation from total part cost
READY_WHEN_IN_ATR boolean if 1, automatically set ready-date when showinatr is set to true
RENTAL_HOURS_BEGIN integer opening hour of rental service
RENTAL_HOURS_END integer closing hour of rental service
RENTAL_PLAN_LABEL enum ('plate','reference','owner') label to show on the plan block thingies
ROW_HEIGHT integer height of planning row in px
SCALE_PROGRAM string name of external paint measuring program
SHOW_ATR_TIME boolean if 1, show the planned time of a task in the atr
SHOW_PLANNED_TASKS boolean if 1, show the planning entries in the atr
SKIP_DAYS json array days to be skipped on the planning screen (eg. ["sat","sun"])
SKIP_HOLIDAYS boolean if 1, avoids planning tasks on Belgian holidays
SMS_CREDITS integer number of sms credits remaining
SMS_PROVIDER string name of sms provider
SPREAD_LABOUR json objectid/percentage pairs for informex labour distribution (eg. {"1":50,"5":50} )
SPREAD_PAINT json object id/percentage pairs for informex paint distribution (eg. {"4":100})
STORE_INVOICE_PDF string name of template file (eg. invoice.html)
TASK_HOURS_BEGIN integer start hour of planning visualisation
TASK_HOURS_END integer end hour of planning visualisation
TASKLINE_QUANTITY json array Quantity to use for an invoiceline of a task ["IS_ONE","IS_CALCULATED"]
TAX_BASE boolean if 1, use formal tax_base to calculate vat
TIME_UNIT_RATIO integer minutes/AE ratio --> 6 if not set
TYPEMAP json object list of tasktypes for informex {'demontage':1, ...}
TYPE_TO_TITLE json object list of businesstype/title pairs {'De heer':'heer', ...}
TWO_STEP_AUTHENTICATION boolean Enables the two step authentication system
UBENCH_OWNER string company name for ubench international
UBENCH_PASS string password for ubench international
UBENCH_USER string username for ubench international
UPDATE_CLIENT_DATA boolean if 1, push changes to clients to unsent invoices of those clients
UPDATE_INFORMEX_ONLY boolean if 1, informex doesn't create new files, only updates existing ones (must be 1!)
USE_ATR_SCORE boolean if 1, calculates personnel score and shows it in the ATR
VAT_JOURNAL_NUMBER integer the last number in the vat journal
VAT_PERCENTAGES json array/object percentages for dropdown (key = vatcode for accounting program)
VATBOOK boolean if 1, make vatbook entries and restrict agreement doc
VATBOOK_CREATION_DEFAULT boolean if 1, new file should have Makevatnr = true by default.
VATBOOK_PRINT_CONTINUOUS boolean if 1, remember printing line of list 1. Last page must be re-supplied to printer.
VATBOOK_LINES_PER_PAGE integer number of lines that fit on 1 printed page (default: 60)
VATBOOK_MAX_NRintegermax number of entries before restart at nr 00001. (default: 99999)
WORKING_MARGIN integer minutes margin after a repair activity has ended

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