How do I install the link between the paint mixing scale & PlanManager?




Navigate to the "System" tab and make sure that SCALE_PROGRAM configuration settings are on the right paint mixing scale.

Possible settings:

- Glassurit

- Sikkens (eg mixitpro) (Akzo Nobel)

- Dupont (Standox)

- Lacour (Profit Manager)


Make sure the PAINT_SUPPLIER configuration parameters are set for the right provider (id). We suggest here to create a single supplier in the Maintenance tab. (you will find the id in the navigation bar on a web browser)

As a final step, you must ensure that a user named "PlanManager external" is created in PlanManager, and that this user has a password. Remember this password, you'll need it later.


The paint program

Every paint program has its own way of working. In PlanManager you must ensure that the paint program saves each weighing in a remote file in a folder.

For example, you can set the program for Dupont each weighing is saved in the folder c: / ...

PlanManager Watcher

Install PlanManager via In the c: \ Program Files \ Insypro \ PlanManager you will find the Watcher.exe program

Watcher.exe is a program that examines the changes in a folder. When a change is detected, the newest file is loaded into a configured location.

PlanManager Watcher configuration:

View map:  the folder where the files of the paint mixing scale are located.


Action:  c=file&a=scale&noqc=Import

Login: PlanManager external

Password: the password you created for the PlanManager external user.

Proxy: fill in the proxy's IP address, if it was used. In the second field, you can fill in the port.

"Delete Files After Processing " should NOT be checked.

"File to watch" should be left BLANK.

Axalta Groep (Cromax, Standox, Spies Hecker)

To connect PlanManager with the new axalta Groep scales (Cromax, Standox, Spies Hecker) execute the attached file and then contact Milsteda Systems Ltd for the activation code.

Milsteda Systems Ltd:

Tel: 01636 613193



If you work with the "sikkens (mixitpro)" program, then you must check the "Delete files after processing". You must also complete the "file to watch" box with PAINTUSG.TXT

For Sikkens, you can also export through “extra configurations”. Tab "Reports" gives you the opportunity to specify the folder.




PPG paint presents your data in an XML file. This XML file needs to be taken by "watcher". Specifically, set the following parameters:

In Watcher:

  1. The file is called PPGMixData.xml and is registered in C: \ Color \ PPGImport

  2. To be certain of having the right path, you can search the ROCO parameters.

  3. You must check the "Delete files after processing".

Your settings "watcher" must be comparable to the screen taken below:



RM / Lacour / Ixell (ColorDirector)

If you work with a balance type RM / Lacour / Ixell, then the folder information will be sent to your paint mixing scale when you click on the appropriate button below.


lacour.ini the file is generated and will be saved on your computer where the paint mixing scale is. The file is saved in the folder that is configured in local settings PlanManager by "thridparty_folder". The scale then picks up this file, and uses the date from the file to create a file. Once the file has been created on the scale, there can be weighed on this file.

Once paint data is available for a file, RM / Lacour / Ixell will write this data in a folder to be determined. It's this folder we should also set in the watcher. The data is also written in an INI file. An individual file is written per weighing. It is therefore possible that there are many files in this folder.

Specifically, you must set the following configurations in Watcher:

  1. View map: the path that is configured in ColorDirector

  2. You should not check "Delete files after processing"

  3. You do not have to give a file name.

Your Watcher settings should be similar to the screen below:

NOTE: If the Lacour mixing scale is set that you have only acces to the weighing program you should contact lacour to make these changes.


In PlanManager:

For RM / Lacour / Ixell (ColorDirector) set the configuration on SCALE_PROGRAM Lacour. Remember sure to click "Save."

Remember that paint weighing scale can send the file only after clicking "Ready to start". Be sure that the file has an owner and an insurer, before clicking on it. RM / Lacour / Ixell (ColorDirector) needs this data.


Profit Manager 1. Click on Settings -> Interface BSM

profit manager


bsm interface


Open (if not already) export file to C: / exportpm and the type of interface in Version 13


2. PlanManager

1. install the PlanManager application

2. Open watcher(Watcher.exe) in c: \ program files (x86) / insypro / PlanManager /

3. In the bottom right corner, right click on icon and choose "Restore"

4. pour.log is the type of file Paint Manager, for others, it's different.

5. Delete files after processing: must be checked



3. Turn on the PC

  1. Open the window via 'menu the Start button

  2. go to "All Programs" / "Start" / folder "Startup". Right click on the folder and choose Open from the menu

  3. There must be created a shortcut to go on Watcher.exe:

  4. Right click in the right part of the screen (in the file)

  5. Choose New / shortcut

  6. Via the browse button, go to

  7. "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Insypro \ PlanManager \ Watcher.exe"

  8. Click next

  9. Click done







Boot at startup PC

Open the Windows menu from start.

Go to All Programs / Startup / Startup folder - right click on the folder - choose Open from the menu.

Here a shortcut should be made for the watcher.exe:

Start Watcher from "C: \ Program Files (x86 ) \ Insypro \ Plan Manager " and copy to the startup folder.

In Startup, right-click Start Watcher, select properties.

In properties, enter the path to "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Insypro \ Plan Manager" in the "start in".

Then click "ok".

Note! for Windows 8 & 10 'The All Users Startup Folder'  is located at the following path:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp


Now we need to run a powershell script:


Setting PowerShell:

Start button / Search: powershell typing / enter / right click: Run as

administrator,type powershell: Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted enter +

                                Y + enter

Powershell 2



4. Check the rights in the export

  1. Open windos explorer

  2. Right click on the folder itself

  3. Go to properties / properties

  4. Tab security / safety

  5. Button edit / edit

  6. Select all users / all users

  7. Select modify the rights

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