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Automatic Time Registration (Workshop).

The automatic time registration (Workshop)


Automatic time registration (ATR) is a system in which employees can register on tasks which they are going to work on. It is in fact a modern version of a timer. This component is fundamental to the program. The recorded data will be used in reporting and is visible on the particular job so that you have an overview of the hours worked by your employees.

Each employee has its own field on the main screen of the ATR. If an employee  wants to use the system, he must register on his block. On the screen which is then displayed he can find the current tasks and the jobs he can work on. If using the planning, these tasks will also display here.

2.1 Starting a task

Files, tasks and activities are displayed as blocks. These blocks are clickable and are distinguished by color. To start a planned task (yellow) click the desired block. That block disappears from the part of the planned tasks appear in the section running tasks (red).

For starting an unassigned task click the active claim you want to work on(blue). Then  you will see a list of all the tasks in that file. Again, using colors:

•    red: finished task - you can not click here.

•    Orange: task in execution - This task is already in progress, but one can still click to collaborate.

•    Green: task not yet in progress - tap to start the job. The tasks are in order so it is usually so that you have to click the first green block, but it is possible to click on a subsequent task.

•    gray: the job is on hold (suspended) - employees can not click here. This status can be assigned to a task in the job management. The reasons for doing so are varied. (lack of parts, a dispute with the customer, no permission, etc.)

After 30 secs the screen will return to the home screen.

2.2 Stopping an activity

When you want to stop an activity, you must click on your block in the home screen and then click on the running task. On the next screen you will be able to click on “continue” if you clicked by accident on the wrong task click on “stop” if you want to stop working on this task, but will restart later on the same task, and “finished” if the job is completely finished.

2.3 Multitasking

You can simultaneously work on multiple activities. The time you spent, being distributed on the tasks you are working on at the time. This can be very useful if the same operations must be done for different cars..

If you are registered on multiple tasks, you will see an + X to indicate how many additional tasks you are registered on, without counting the first task.

2.4 Cooperation

It is possible, in PlanManager, that two or more employees work on the same task.


2.5 Reporting

You can find the reports for the clockings by going to “Report - Management - Time Registration”

Here you can filter by location, user, job, tasks, date, etc and get these figures in an excel.


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