CAPS connection: importing jobs and keeping them up-to-date.

Caps connection

There is a dropdown item under Job section called Job Queue. There you can find CAPS. This page will show all incoming jobs from CAPS that are offers. These can then be accepted or denied. When denying an offer a popup will show to give a reason for the denial (this is required). Importing jobs from Caps does not yet happen automatically but needs to be done by going to this page.

Jobs that should be communicated with CAPS should have an insurer linked that has a CAPS Insurer Code filled in. Also the Claim number, Vehicle Make and Licenseplate are required.
When all of these are present, jobs will be automatically synced with Caps. You can verify this in the logs, but this might not happen instantly, but with a delay.

One change for AudatexUK came with this as well. The link for AudatexUK Claims also moved under Job Queue.


Update relevant editors with a caps code

Where relevant there is now a Caps Code field present in the editors of the third parties (Agent, Insurer, Owner). These fields are only visible when the Caps connection is active. This activiation must be required to your support team.

A job that is linked to a insurer with a Caps code will be transferred automaticaly to Caps. To let jobs synchronise with Caps there are some requirements needed:

- a correct Caps configuration in PlanManager. This must be done by your support team.
- job number must be present
- car brand must be present
- license plate must be present
- a linked insurer with Caps code

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