Planning In/Out.

Planning In/Out.


The planning in/out shows all the vehicles that:

1) are scheduled to arrive in the body shop.

2) are in the body shop.

3) will leave the body shop.


On the upper left, if you click “Current Activities” you will get a pop up:

If you click “Priority vehicles” you will see the vehicles that are still in the body shop but should have been ready:

In this pop-up you can also see, ao, the estimated completion date, the vehicle in date, and if you click on the job number, you will be redirected to the concerning job.

In the screen itself, if you click on , the comments / damage page will open:

if you click on you will be redirected to the job screen.


in the middle & right section you also have a + button, if you click on it you’ll see the different tasks with their status,

You also can see if the car & the parts are in ( 1 & 2), in the left section, and in the right section if the car is ready in the body shop (3 line is highlighter yellow) and if the car has been delivered (4).

You can filter this screen by location, day or week or by specific dates:

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